Chinese citizens need no visa to travel in Albania

The Albanian government has decided to abolish visas for Chinese citizens. The decision was taken at a meeting at noon yesterday. Chinese citizens are now added to the list of countries that can travel without a visa to Albania, with only one passport.

In accordance with Article 100 of the Constitution and Article 30 of Law No 108/2013, 'On foreigners', as amended, the Council of Ministers, acting on a proposal from the Prime Minister and Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, shall


1. The following additions and amendments are made to Decision No 513 of 13.6.2019 of the Council of Ministers, as amended:

(a) In Annex 3, "List of countries whose nationals enter the Republic of Albania without visas and which documents they must present", which is annexed to the Decision, the status "China, People's Republic *", with passport document, shall be added.

(b) In Annex 4, 'List of countries whose nationals enter the Republic of Albania with a visa and the declarations where the application can be presented, as well as the related visa fee', which is annexed to the Decision, as amended, the state 'China, People's Republic' shall be removed for 'C' visas.

2. The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior shall be responsible for the implementation of this Decision.

This Decision shall enter into force immediately and shall be published in the 'Official Journal'.