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Albania: Top destinations 2020

Our pinnacle selections for 2020 reveal off-the-beaten-direction destinationspopular summer fests, picturesque villages, a tour in antiquity, a true agritourism experience and more. Discover them under.

1. New adventures in Korab-Koritnik Natural Park
The Korab-Koritnik Natural Park placed northeast of the country, encompasses the great Koritnik-Gjallica-Korab mountain range. Its various mosaic of valleys and waterways creates a number of lovely vistas within the entire country. Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, border this ideal enchantment for mountain enthusiasts and outdoor adventures. Perfect to visit 12 months-round however particularly majestic in the winter!

2. The particular vibes of Kala Fest, Dhërmi
Albania’s Ionian coast boasts a number of the most beautiful beaches and pristine bays in Europe. In the last two years, Kala Festival has brought a number of satisfactory electronic music to one of the coast’s most famous beaches: Dhërmi. This yr’s edition, the 3rd, promises to be the hottest occasion of the yr so mark your calendars!

3. The stunning valley of Lin, Progradec
Lin is one of the most painted landscapes of Albania and rightfully so! You may have observed this hyper-picturesque village on the manner to Pogradec. Situated within the valley under the road, with the aid of the shore of Ohrid Lake, the village is immediately noticeable because of its function red-tiled roofs. Enjoy the scrumptious fish you could most effectively find here, the well-known koran, and the inspiring surroundings.

4. Authentic agritourism in Reç
2020 is the yr to immerse yourself inside the true Albanian revel in and Reç is a nice region to start. As the country increases in popularity among tourists, family-owned farms and guesthouses are getting ready their spaces to introduce the traffic to an evidently invigorating and gastronomically scrumptious enjoy. We recommend “Rruga e Mullirit” Guesthouse in Reç, close to Shkodra for a pleasant full immersion!

5. UNESCO Tour through Albania’s Antiquity and Middle Ages
Albania is a super destination for record buffs. There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites you could explore at the excursion replying to your favorite ancient period. Go to Butrint National Park for one of the high-quality-preserved ancient towns in Europe. Gjirokastra and Berat are best for those interested in Byzantine architecture and culture. In Berat, you can forestall on the Onufri Museum of Iconography, as it reveals the excellent iconographic art inside the country by using the master Onufri and his faculty of iconographers with the most comprehensive, quadruple-language audio guide.

6. A flavor of Rehova
The fascinating, rustic village, located at the foot of Gramoz Mountain close to the metropolis of Korça, is a real cobble-stoned heaven! Though small, it also fairly contains a whopping 23 churches, which you could explore while you experience a great weekend getaway. In addition to its nature, tranquility, captivating houses, and nearby hospitality, you will fall in love with Rehova’s conventional local culinary delights, inclusive of the leek-and-cheese flaky pie, or pispili (corn bread with spinach).

7. Outdoor journey in Shebenik- Jablanica
The entrance to this huge and suitable natural location of the country was forbidden all through Communism. It is why the park’s 34,000 hectares preserve a number of the most untouched nature in addition to richest plants and fauna in Albania. Located near the town of Librazhd, this location is sure to end up one of the maximum popular destinations of the next decade.

8. Retrace Edward Lear’s Steps in Dukat
The village of Dukat has many claims to repute and no longer as many visitors because it truly deserves. It becomes one of the places that the British poet and artist Edward Lear eternalized in his well-known sketchbooks of Albania’s panorama. Dukat has developed but its panorama has largely remained unchanged. It is conveniently located on the manner to the Riviera so we inspire you to make it a point to prevent there in 2020, no much less for its scrumptious food!

9. Fall in love with Nivica
The complete region of Tepelena has an especially mesmerizing beauty however, in 2020, we are saying you focus especially on the village of Nivica. Its lines of ancient civilizations, like its 2400-12 months-antique castle, and spectacular panoramamainly the well-known canyons, are only some of the reasons to visit. We advise Dallëndyshe and Petrit Merjo’s Guesthouse for a welcoming surrounding and scrumptious food (discover it in this list).

10. The invigorating Gorge of Këlcyra
Last, however truly not least, the Gorge of Këlcyra should most absolutely be in your listing of locations in 2020. Otherwise referred to as the “Paradise of 1001 Water Sources,” this vicinity is as otherworldly because it receives on this day and age. If you discover yourself near Gjirokastra, do now not fail to discover this oasis.


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