Albania sets up 'Ethnic Minorities' Sector

Albanian government set up an ethnic minorities sector within the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youths and Sport, in line with the obligations the country has undertook in the process of integration into the EU.

The purpose of this sector is to safeguard the ethnic, lingual, cultural and religious identity of minorities in Albania.

The officials within the sector, led by Bardulj Londo, held a meeting with representatives of Macedonian minority, led by Edmond Temelko – mayor of Pustec municipality.

The minorities sector officials presented the priorities of the newly-funded institution, whose goal is to financially assist specific projects aiming to promote the cultural identity of minorities in Albania.

Pustec mayor Edmond Temelko, presented the current situation of Macedonian minority and urged the officials of the newly-funded sector to pay attention to ethnic-Macedonian population not only in the Municipality of Pustec but also in Golo Brdo, Gora, Devol and other cities throughout Albania.

It has been agreed that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youths and Sport provides funds for the sole Macedonian-language newspaper Prespa, Macedonian folklore festival in Mala Prespa, and printing books by ethnic-Macedonian authors from Albania.