Finiq (Phoinike)

Phoinike is situated ca.8 km east of the modern city of Saranda and about 20 km from the Greek border. In antiquity the territory around the site belonged to Chaonia, part of the Epirus kingdom, and it is rich in finds from the Classical to the Byzantine period, while in the distance to the south of the ancient city lies the Butrint lake.
Ancient sources mention the wealth of the city, especially during the Hellenistic period, between the 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C. when Phoinike was a leading city in the Epirote League.
Within the walls of Phoinike was signed the end of the first Macedonian War, the document took of the name "the Peace of Phoinike".
The city's prosperity continued also during the Roman imperial period, while during the Byzantine period the city records about 10 centuries of continuous life. The Ottoman occupation of Phoinike came abruptly and the city declined by taking the form of a small village.
A thesaurus (a small prostylos temple), the theatre, Hellenistic houses, several Roman water cisterns and a Byzantine church can be seen while visiting Phoinike.