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 Full of gorgeous natural beauty and with a fascinating history, Albania is an underrated destination in Europe. However, there are a few things that you need to know before you go to Albania, you guessed it. Albania is Cheap Albania is a very cheap travel destination in Europe. You can spend just 50 euros a night for a four-star hotel with breakfast, whilst meals are as cheap as five euros in local cafes, museums and attractions are often under five Euros too. Whilst a fancy restaurant will cost around 15 euros per person. When to Visit Albania The next thing to know about Albania is when to visit. April to June and September to October are the best times to go to Albania. So you can avoid the extreme weather and enjoy walking, sightseeing water, sports and cycling at your own leisure . The People The people in Albania are incredibly friendly, which is just another reason why this country has to be visited. It was actually voted one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Tourism Industry in Albania Saved By Locals

From January 1 to August, more than one million visitors from Kosovo entered Albania ensuring the survival of the Albanian tourism industry, especially in summer. Entire families or groups of young people from Kosovo invaded the coasts of the entire Eagles Country, from Velipoja to Saranda. Obviously, for Albanian tourism , we cannot speak of profit but at least of survival, given the dramatic situation caused by Covid-19. An enterprise that at the beginning of the summer season seemed impossible but that the local and Albanian-speaking tourism managed to complete in the summer months, as also confirmed by several tour operators: "What makes the difference are the tourists in Kosovo, i.e. the traditional tourism that has contributed significantly to the increase in revenue. Of course, there was also an increase in foreigners from abroad, but the main one was the support of the Albanian-speaking areas. With what we have seen so far today, a part of the hotels will manage to survive

Top Best Beaches in Albania

Unlike most summers, it is best to skip the extremely populated beaches of the Riviera this time and stick to the less populated, more intimate one. But, a very quick stop may be worth it in a few legendary ones. To find out where to stay longer, where to stop by, and where to return to throughout the entire summer, check out our list below. From north to south, Dear Albania has selected the very best beaches of this summer. Rana e Hedhun The name of this spectacular beach on the Adriatic coast means “thrown sand,” referring to its gorgeous slanting sand dunes. Indeed the sand is the protagonist here, with a wide belt that reaches up to 300 meters in parts. Cut off from the rest of the world by rows and rows of pines, which offer a natural shelter from the sun in the hottest moments of the day, Rana e Hedhun has been a favorite among intimate beach lovers for a while now. While its popularity is slowly increasing (nowadays it hosts many music festivals and events), it remains one of th

Theth - Albania, Best things to do and see

Reaching Theth is not easy. The road is easy to find (there's only one), but what's really challenging is driving. From Shkodra you have to follow the SH1 to Koplik, then take the SH21 northeast. This secondary road climbs at first gently and then increasingly steeply into the Prroni i Thate Valley, a very wide valley surrounded by mountains that reach an altitude of almost 2000 m in a breathtaking landscape. Then, beyond Bogë, it becomes steeper and steeper until it reaches the Buni i Thores Pass (1786 m). From here begins a 15 km stretch of dirt road that you cover in about two hours through potholes, mud, very narrow passages (if you cross another car it is often necessary to find a widening to exchange the pass), but also an alternation between forest and wide openings. You will also have to cross two fords before reaching the valley of Thethi. If you don't have the right car, it's better to take public transport: every hour, vans and minibusses leave Shkod

Vlora Airport

According to projections, Vlora airport will have a flow of 600,000 passengers per year. Vlora airport, dedicated to transporting people and goods, will be superior to Rinas airport in Tirana in size and even more modern. In addition, the construction of the new Vlora airport will give a new impetus to the development of the seaside area of Vlora and South Albania, with a progressive increase in the number of tourists and the revaluation of the real estate market for holiday homes by the sea. A new impetus will also be given to trade relations with Italy - which will become closer than ever to the southern Albanian coast - and to new investment opportunities in the tourism sector and trade in general. Vlora Airport. Officially opens the tender for the 2020 construction site The Albanian government opened the tender for the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and relocation of Vlora International Airport in December 2019. As also reported by the Albanian econom

Albania moves towards legalizing recreational marijuana

Prime Minister Edi Rama said the government intends to pass the law on the legalization of medical cannabis during this parliamentary session that will close in the summer. "I said before, this is not the time to talk about this issue, but to keep the situation under control with illegal cultivation and trafficking, the situation is now under control," Rama said. "On the other hand, we have been working on this project for more than a year, to do analysis, and in fact now the conditions are ripe. Where the ideas come from, I'm not the one fighting for copyright. This is now a global trend. I know we are on time and we will push this project forward. We are in time to approve it by this parliamentary session," said the Prime Minister.

Albania food and culture

Tips in Albania: how does it work? Usually, you leave a tip by rounding the bill to the nearest higher digit. Usually, 10% of the account is more than enough. Both hotel doormen, restaurants , and taxi drivers often expect to receive it. What are the typical Albanian dishes? Albanian byrek Albanian food has been strongly influenced by Turkish food. Among the most popular dishes are shishqebap (shish kebab), romsteak (minced meat pie) and qofte (meatballs). Typical dishes are çonlek (meat and onion stew), fërges (a very rich beef stew), rosto me salcë kosi (roast with sour cream) and tave kosi (mutton with yoghurt). The main meal is lunch, although today in Tirana the habit of dining out is becoming more and more popular. Ice cream (akullore) is very popular and coffee can be found as kafe turke (strong enough to reach your table alone) or as kafe ekspres (espresso). White wine is usually better than red, which often tastes like vinegar; other typical alcoholic bev